A. Hurst Photography - Louisville Senior and Newborn Photographer | How To Select Your Favorites and How To Download Your Digital Files

How To Select Your Favorite Photos and How To Download Your Digital Files


I tend to get a lot of questions on how to send me your selection of favorites and also, how you can download the files once they are ready. I'm hoping this will help answer your questions!

How to select your favorites

If you have a package that allows you to look at all the proofs and pick the ones you would like edited (weddings and senior shoots only) I cannot see your proof selections until you send them to me.  It's done that way so that you can pick as many as you like and then narrow it down to the number in your package.  

Here's what you need to do:

--Click "add to favorites" (the heart symbol when in the full gallery, or if you are looking at an individual photo click >menu in the top left and then >add to favorites) on the photo on all the ones you love! 

--Go to 'my selection' to see only the ones you have favorited.  Now, narrow it down to the number allowed in your package. :)

--Once you have the ones you love picked, while in “My selection" click on "send to..." in the top left and fill out the form to send to Photographer. 

--I will then get an email that you have shared your favorites and will be able to see them!

--Note: You should hear back from me within 24 hours that I have them. If not please email me and ask. (On a couple rare occasions I didn't get the notification.)


How to download your digital files

While looking at any individual photo in the gallery you are allowed to download from, click >menu in the top left of the photo itself.  A drop-down menu will appear. 

--scroll down to >Download and then over to >original or >all available originals. 

Note:  Be sure you know where you are saving the photos on your computer. Mine go to a folder called, Downloads, but yours may go somewhere else.  

Note 2: If you choose to Download All Available Originals, they will be downloaded into a zipped file and the download may take quite a while depending on how many photos are in your gallery.  15-25 photos take approximately 10-30 minutes depending on your internet speed. Accordingly, a wedding of hundreds of photos will take a few hours.


Thank you for choosing me to preserve your memories! If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact me!