Photographing newborns takes, above all else, patience! I've photographed a few in just a couple hours, but the majority I spend between 3-4 with.  I do a lot of rocking, a lot of sweating, (babies don't regulate their temps as well as grownups do and we don't want them cold - especially since we work with them naked, or in a simple wrap, most of the time.) and a lot of shhshing and singing! I take your newborns welfare as the most important part of my job!  I won't work with your baby if I might be sick, and for their safety, I always use an assistant/spotter to keep a hand on, or near, baby at all times!  I love to work around your decor, and ideas.  I'll send you a questionnaire a few weeks before you are due to find out what I can bring to your session to get the perfect outcome for your newborn's portraits.  

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