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Newborn photography can be challenging, but after taking Ana Brandt's online workshop, I have really excelled in this genre and love being able to play with babies for a few hours -- and then give them back to their parents! Let me make your newborn photography experience the best it can be!
ShanahanNB17-10-EditHattieW0217-166-EditEastonInb416-1CareyNB416-128-EditColeFnb-40-Edituntitled-90-EditIMG_9692-EditLynnexGnb-1LincolnMnb16-289-EditHazelBnb-55-EditCareyNB416-64-EditHaileyZnb1215-42-Edituntitled-17-EditHazelBnb-129-EditRylanS9mos-4 copyLenaWnb-223-Edit-EditOliviaMnb-2Newborn in bucket with long tassel hatShanahanNB17-141-EditIMG_9761-Edit