Senior FAQs

Here are a few common questions, answered, that I get about my senior sessions:


  1. What should I wear? Be Diverse! I suggest a range of styles. Not all casual. Not all dressy. As for colors, there’s really no wrong color. I just recommend you wear things that makes you feel pretty and you love!  Layer!! Layers are great! Things such as such as accessories, scarves, hats, camis, belts, boots add interest to a photo. Stay away from boxy, go for more fitted. But, not overly sexy either. Short skirts limit posing! Empire waist lines that bump in the front can make anyone look heavier. Ruffles are good for smaller chests, but make a large chested person look bigger. Don’t forget nails and brows! *Use a matte makeup and avoid anything with an SPF, including moisturizer, as it will photograph shiny.* Multiple shirts and one pair of jeans/pants make for many looks quickly! For boys, look for jeans and a t-shirt, something a little nicer, like a button-down, and then a suit or a blazer with slacks. You may also want to peruse Pinterest for ideas on what to wear. I have a board with some ideas on it here: But, if you also just type in "what to wear for senior pictures" you'll get hundreds of ideas! 
  2. How many poses do you take? Again, there is no set number.  It’s whatever we can accomplish given the length of time we have.  But no matter what, you’ll have plenty.  Most of our customers have a difficult time narrowing it down!

  3. What happens if it rains?  All of my senior sessions take place outdoors on location. So, I watch weather forecasts days before sessions to try to gauge if rain will affect the session. If that seems to be the case, I will contact you and we will reschedule for another available date that suits the both of us.

  4. Can I share my images? Once your order is placed, any photos or digitals you purchased will be put into an online gallery where you will be able to share the entire gallery or individual photos on social media and with friends and family!

  5. Don’t I have to use the school yearbook company? No, They are only hired to  take your yearbook mug-shot. I do not supply a tux or formal shot, those will be done by the school yearbook company. But as Independent photographer I will provide you with lots of options and will take the time to individually edit your images.  I take pride in my work because the images I produce are a direct reflection of your interests and my abilities.

  6. Can I bring props? Definitely! I highly recommend bringing an assortment of hats, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. Little things that can change up the same outfit quickly! Or, maybe you play football or the violin, or are a cheerleader... I welcome you to bring clothes and props that represent you! I get really excited when someone brings along something that will make their portrait session different from everyone else’s!

  7. Can I bring a friend/parent? Yes! I encourage bringing someone along to help you feel more comfortable. A BFF, in particular, is great! Someone to make you laugh -- or at least, laugh at you until you laugh too! ;)

  8. When will I see my pictures? After our shoot we will schedule a time 1-3 weeks later to meet and you will get to see all your proofs!  Only a couple will be fully edited, but you're mainly going to be selecting based on your favorite expression and poses.  Once you place your order, I will have the portraits you selected edited and your order placed within 2-4 weeks.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me! I look forward to making your senior portraits memorable!